Jurassic Purp Strain Information and Facts
Jurassic Purp Strain Information and Facts

Jurassic Purp Strain Information and Facts

Jurassic Purp strain from Salyer Genetics stands out as a true masterpiece. A harmonious blend of Cherry Pie and Big Sur Holy Weed x Lil Purp, Jurassic Purp is a THC-dominant strain that has been making waves for its exceptional qualities and delightful effects.

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Strain: Jurassic Purp

  • THC: 24% – 30%
  • CBD: Not specified
  • Best Used For: Chronic stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, chronic pain.
  • Indica or Sativa: Slightly indica-dominant Hybrid (60% Indica / 40% Sativa)
  • Breeder: Not specified
  • Seeds: Information about the availability of seeds is not provided.
  • Crossed With: Cherry Pie X (Big Sur Holy Weed X Lil Purp)

Background of Weed Strain:

Jurassic Purp, also known as “Jurassic Purple,” is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Cherry Pie with (Big Sur Holy Weed X Lil Purp).

Named for its celebrity parentage and gorgeous appearance, Jurassic Purp is a favorite among indica lovers. Featuring super fat heart-shaped dark olive green nugs with deep purple undertones, thin orange hairs, and bright white crystal trichomes, this strain boasts a delightful visual appeal.

Aromas of sour, citrusy pineapple, spicy dank, and honey nuttiness accompany the experience, while the flavor offers a sweet tropical pineapple taste with sugary honey and spicy nuttiness.

Ways to Consume Jurassic Purp:

  • Bong: Inhale the flavorful and potent essence of Jurassic Purp through a bong for a robust and immersive experience.
  • Pipe: Opt for a pipe to consume Jurassic Purp, providing a direct and controlled method of inhalation, allowing the nuances of the strain’s taste to shine.
  • Joint: Roll Jurassic Purp into a joint for a classic and convenient way to enjoy the strain’s effects and flavors.
  • Edible: Infuse Jurassic Purp into edibles for a discreet and prolonged consumption method, ideal for those seeking a more gradual onset of effects.
  • Concentrate: Process Jurassic Purp into concentrates such as wax or shatter for a more concentrated and potent experience.
  • Vape: Utilize a vaporizer to enjoy Jurassic Purp, offering a cleaner inhalation method that preserves the delicate flavors of the strain while potentially providing a smoother experience.

Effects Of The Jurassic Purp:

  • Euphoric: Feelings of euphoria and expansive happiness are experienced from the start.
  • Sedated: A heady lift transitions into a soothing physical relaxation, providing a sense of calm and tranquility.
  • Martian-like: Users report feeling like a Martian, with spacey, heady effects that contribute to the unique experience.

Benefits or Helps With:

Jurassic Purp is often chosen to address a variety of conditions, including:

Jurassic Purp is often chosen to treat a variety of conditions, including chronic stress or anxiety, depression or mood swings, and chronic pain. The potent effects and high THC content make Jurassic Purp a versatile strain for both recreational and medicinal use.


In conclusion, Jurassic Purp stands out not only for its impressive THC content but also for its delightful flavors and well-rounded effects. Whether you seek relief from stress, anxiety, or chronic pain, or simply want to unwind with a Martian-like experience, Jurassic Purp offers a journey worth exploring.

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