Kimbo Kush Strain Information | Shop Top Brands
Kimbo Kush Strain Information | Shop Top Brands

Kimbo Kush Strain Information | Shop Top Brands

Greetings, cannabis connoisseurs, and welcome to Cool Ganja Shop, your premier destination for exploring the diverse world of top-tier strains. Today, we’re delving into the realm of Kimbo Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid that’s been making waves for its unique blend of potency and relaxation. Join us on this journey as we unravel the secrets behind Kimbo Kush’s origins, effects, and the unparalleled experience it offers.

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Strain Details:

  • THC: 27%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Pain: Yes
  • Anxiety: Yes
  • Stress: Yes
  • Sleep: Yes
  • Appetite: Yes
  • Focus: Information not provided
  • Best Used For: Late nights, relaxation
  • Day or Night Strain: Ideal for late nights or rainy days
  • Indica or Sativa: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Does it Cause Paranoia?: Information not provided
  • Breeder:
  • Seeds: Exotic Genetix
  • Crossed With: Platinum Blackberry Kush x Starfighter
  • Brands: Explore top brands featuring Kimbo Kush
  • Dispensary: Find a local dispensary offering Kimbo Kush

Background Of Weed Strain:

Crafted by Exotic Genetix in Washington State, Kimbo Kush is a potent indica-dominant hybrid resulting from the expert fusion of Platinum Blackberry Kush and Starfighter strains. This unique blend earned its stripes by securing a place at the prestigious 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup, showcasing its exceptional qualities. With THC levels reaching up to 27%, and a distinct genetic lineage, Kimbo Kush has become a sought-after choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Effects Of Kimbo Kush:

Renowned for its super-potent nature, Kimbo Kush delivers a powerful body blow, inducing deep relaxation, sleepiness, and a delightful couch-lock effect. Particularly suited for late nights or those rainy days when you seek ultimate tranquility, this strain promises a profound experience. Medical applications include relief from anxiety, muscle spasms, chronic pain, stress, and insomnia.


Kimbo Kush stands out not only for its recreational allure but also for its medicinal benefits. This strain serves as an effective remedy for various conditions, offering relief from anxiety, muscle spasms, chronic pain, stress, and insomnia. Its potent properties make it a go-to choice for those seeking profound relaxation and therapeutic effects.

Negatives To Kimbo Kush:

While Kimbo Kush boasts numerous positive attributes, it’s essential to note potential drawbacks. Information on specific negatives such as dry mouth, dry eyes, or paranoia is not provided, but users should be mindful of individual tolerance and reactions.


As we conclude our exploration into the captivating world of Kimbo Kush, it’s evident that this indica-dominant hybrid has rightfully earned its place among the cannabis elite. From its Washington State origins to the potent effects that have garnered acclaim, Kimbo Kush offers a unique and powerful experience.