Krazy Runtz Strain Information & Review | Shop Top Brands
Krazy Runtz Strain Information & Review | Shop Top Brands

Krazy Runtz Strain Information & Review | Shop Top Brands

Welcome to Cool Ganja Shop, your go-to destination for all things cannabis! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Krazy Runtz, a hybrid strain that’s been creating waves in the cannabis community.

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Strain Information:

  • THC: 30.9%
  • CBD: (Not specified)
  • Best Used For: Ideal for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs seeking a thrilling experience.
  • Day or Night Strain: Best enjoyed in the evening due to its potent effects.
  • Indica or Sativa: Hybrid
  • Does it Cause Paranoia?: While not explicitly mentioned, beginners are advised to approach with caution due to its high THC content.
  • Breeder: Exotic Genetix
  • Seeds: Available
  • Crossed With: Blue Runtz and Grease Monkey
  • Brands: Shop top brands that carry Krazy Runtz.
  • Dispensary: Find a local dispensary near you to explore this exceptional strain.

Background Of Weed Strain:

Is a genetic masterpiece born from the union of Blue Runtz and Grease Monkey, meticulously crafted by the renowned breeders at Exotic Genetix. Known for their commitment to quality and innovation, Exotic Genetix has created a strain that seamlessly blends the sweet and fruity notes of Blue Runtz with the robust, earthy aromas of Grease Monkey.

Effects Of Krazy Runtz:

The effects of have been described as a trifecta of relaxation, happiness, and an undeniable case of the munchies. With its potent 30.9% THC content, this strain promises a rollercoaster ride that takes users to new heights.


Beyond its recreational appeal, Krazy Runtz has found a place in the medical cannabis community. Users report its efficacy in dealing with symptoms associated with chronic pain, stress, and appetite loss, making it a go-to choice for those seeking therapeutic relief.

Negatives To Krazy Runtz:

While the positives are numerous, it’s important to note that with its high potency, may not be suitable for beginners. Users are advised to consume it responsibly, starting with smaller amounts and gradually increasing as tolerance develops.