Mango Tango Strain Information & Review | Shop Now
Mango Tango Strain Information & Review | Shop Now

Mango Tango Strain Information & Review | Shop Now

Welcome to Cool Ganja Shop, your premier destination for a curated selection of premium strains and cutting-edge accessories to enhance your cannabis journey. We invite you to explore the world of Mango Tango, a captivating indica-dominant hybrid that offers a unique blend of flavors and potent effects.

Strain Details:

  • Strain Name: Mango Tango
  • THC: 23% – 25%
  • CBD:
  • Pain: Effective
  • Anxiety: Caution advised
  • Stress: Alleviating
  • Sleep: Sedative
  • Appetite: Stimulating
  • Focus: Mildly enhancing
  • Best Used For: Chronic Pain, Mild to Moderate Depression, Muscle Spasms, Tremors
  • Day or Night Strain: Nighttime preferred
  • Indica or Sativa: Indica Dominant Hybrid (70% Indica / 30% Sativa)
  • Does it Cause Paranoia?: Caution advised for novice users
  • Seeds:
  • Crossed With: Tangie X Peaches X True OG strains
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Background Of Weed Strain:

Mango Tango is an indica-dominant hybrid resulting from a harmonious three-way cross of Tangie, Peaches, and True OG strains. Noteworthy for winning 1st Place overall at the SoCal Cannabis Cup in 2015, Mango Tango’s acclaim is attributed to its high THC content ranging between 23-25%. This strain is a testament to quality and potency.

Effects Of Mango Tango:

The Mango Tango high is intense and enduring, characterized by the heavy indica effects that gradually envelop the body, inducing a deeply stoned and sedated state. Simultaneously, a soaring uplifting head high propels the mind into the clouds. However, novice users should approach with caution, as the cerebral effects can lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety.


Mango Tango stands out as a potent remedy for various conditions, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Ideal for addressing chronic pain, mild to moderate depression, muscle spasms, and tremors, this strain offers a therapeutic escape for those seeking relief from both physical and mental challenges.

Negatives To Mango Tango:

While Mango Tango provides substantial therapeutic benefits, novice users should be cautious due to the potential for heightened paranoia and anxiety. The intense cerebral effects, though beneficial for some, may not be suitable for individuals seeking a milder experience.


In conclusion, Mango Tango from Cool Ganja Shop invites you to indulge in a sophisticated and powerful cannabis encounter. Immerse yourself in the allure of this indica-dominant hybrid, where exceptional quality meets robust effects. Elevate your cannabis journey with the finest strains and accessories, available exclusively at Cool Ganja Shop.